• October 30 2019

    Conforms with OGC Features 1.0

  • October 25 2019

    • Canceling an order is now possible
    • cloud_filter operation parameters are now optional

  • October 24 2019

    This is a major release with a few important changes.

    • The order states QUEUED and PROCESSING have been moved to the capture level, which now includes the following states:
      • QUEUED (new)
      • FAILED
    • To show more visibility into granular capture states at the order level, the following two fields were introduced to the orders response:
      • capture_status_queued_count lists the number of captures in QUEUED state
      • capture_status_processing_count lists the number of captures in PROCESSING state
    • Together the following calls can be used to identify corders which were previously considered QUEUED or PROCESSING:
      • GET /tasking/v2/orders/?capture_status_queued_count__gt=0
      • GET /tasking/v2/orders/?capture_status_processing_count__gt=0
    • The order state FINALIZING was introduced. This state represents an order with an end time that has expired, but still has one or more captures in QUEUED or PROCESSING states. This state will ensure an order isn't marked as EXPIRED when a SUCCESS capture is about to be PUBLISHED.
    • New endpoint /tasking/v2/orders/aggregates/status/ was introduced to give you a roll-up of all your organization's orders by status.
    • The endpoint /tasking/v1/orders/<order_id>/captures is now deprecated.

  • October 23 2019

    Updated the ship detection model with an improved version

  • October 22 2019

    • Added usage tracker to the bottom of Explorer
    • Improved Contact Sales Form
    • Added Weekly Basemaps