• February 20 2020

    Planet Explorer:

    • NDVI Color Ramp Picker is now available in IE
    • Imagery that has been downsampled is now designated with a color tint watermark
    • Updates across the map tool UI include new map buttons & a new zoom tool

    Planet Stories:

    • Users with scenes-only imagery access can now create Stories

    Planet Account page:

    • Fixed bug where Account Settings didn't load properly in IE

  • January 29 2020

    Planet Explorer updates:

    • Improved visibility of search panel opener
    • Refined AOI selection, measuring and drawing tools guidance
    • Fixed: "low resolution" warning message no longer displayed erroneously

  • January 23 2020

    Planet Explorer updates:

    • Updates to Statusbar to make notifications easier to see
    • Users with an Access Only license no longer see erroneous download error messages
    • Fixed: search result AOIs in Explorer map view no longer off-center
    • Fixed: long text in info panels no longer trails past borders

    Broad updates and improved consistency in user interface and tool functionality

  • January 07 2020

    Planet Explorer updates:

    • Fixed AOI clipping for non-square shapes
    • Loading thumbnail preview images no longer uses tile service quota
    • Updates and improvements to Explorer's look & feel

  • December 11 2019

    Planet Explorer update:

    • SuperDove data is now available to EAP users via the PSB.SD Filter in Labs.