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Open Source Software

Python Library & CLI

The Python package planet is an Apache 2.0-licensed Python client library and command-line interface for working with Planet's public API.

To install, run pip install planet anywhere that Python 2.7 or Python 3.4+ is installed.


Jupyter Notebooks

The Developer Experience team at Planet has created a collection of Apache 2.0-licensed Jupyter Notebooks, along with a Docker image that makes it easy to run your own geospatially-enabled Jupyter instance.

The interactive guides in this collection are designed to help Python-familiar developers explore Earth observation data, work with Planet's Public API, and learn how to extract information from Planet's archive of high-cadence satellite imagery.


Open Data

Open California

Planet makes archival data captured over the entire state of California available for free under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Daily imagery is made available on a 2-week delay. Seasonal mosaics are released quarterly.

"Open California" data is available to anyone with a Planet API key: learn how to get your own API key here, or learn more about the Open California program here.

Disaster Data

In support of the International Disaster Charter, Planet make imagery of disaster areas around the globe available directly to the public, volunteers, humanitarian organizations, and other coordinating bodies. Disaster data is openly licensed under the Creative Commons: CC-BY-SA for commerical use, and CC-NC-BY for non-commerical use.

Disaster Data is available to anyone with a Planet API key: learn how to get your own API key here, or learn more about Planet Disaster Data.

How to Contribute

Join the community of Planet developers & data users today by contributing your own skills and expertise. Pull requests & issues are always welcome on our GitHub repos. You can also join the conversation with other Planet users & community developers at Planet Community.