Discover, Stream, and Download Planet Imagery in QGIS

The Planet Explorer Plugin enables QGIS users to quickly discover, stream, and download Planet imagery and basemaps. The plug-in provides an imagery discovery interface that allows users to search for, stream and download Planet imagery within QGIS.

QGIS is a free and open-source GIS desktop application, which anyone can download from the QGIS website.


  • QGIS version 3.6 or greater
  • Python 3.6 or greater
  • The user will need to have a Planet subscription or trial for accessing and downloading Planet imagery. Don't have a subscription? Contact our team to learn more.

Learn more at Planet School

Looking for more? Check out this hands-on tutorial that uses Planet Explorer for QGIS to visualize a flood event.

Open Source

The Planet Explorer Plugin is open source and welcomes contributions: https://github.com/planetlabs/qgis-planet-plugin. If you’d like to see a feature, but aren’t sure how to write the code for it, please submit your ideas to the Planet Community.

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