Orders Overview

last updated: March 18, 2024

    The Planet Orders API enables ordering, customization, and delivery of imagery and Basemaps. While Data and Basemap APIs are useful for discovering imagery, Orders is the core API for ordering scenes and Basemaps in bulk, customizing with a suite of raster tools, and delivering as downloadable items for working in a local environment or to the cloud as optimized GeoTIFFs.

    Scenes Basemaps
    Activate, customize, and deliver bulk PlanetScope, SkySat, and archival imagery such as Rapid Eye, Sentinel 2, and LandSat Order Global Basemaps for mapping and visualizations or Select Basemaps for your area of interest
    Tools Delivery
    Generate Planet-hosted raster operations to prepare data for your area of study Download imagery and Basemaps or deliver to the cloud
    Notifications States
    Set email and webhook notifications to follow order progress Get explanations of the different order states


    Learning Resources

    For information on working with Planet APIs, see Get Started with Planet APIs. Find a collection of guides and tutorials on Planet School. Also checkout Planet notebooks on GitHub, such as the Python tutorial: Tools and Toolchains.

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