last updated: July 17, 2024


Planet Features API offers Planet customers the ability to upload and save their Areas of Interest (AOIs) as features on the Planet platform and reference those features when making requests for data through Planet’s Orders, Subscriptions, and Data APIs. Once a Feature is saved, it can be accessed as an OGC-compliant Features API.

The Features API is a great way to improve the efficiency of your data delivery workflows by enabling you to store your AOIs once and reference them, as needed, across the platform.

The Features API is available at the Features API Dataset Root.

Key Concepts

  • Feature: A “thing” with a spatial location and geometry. In the API, the GeoJSON definition of a Feature is used. For example, a Feature could be a farm field polygon in South Africa.

  • Feature Collection: A set of Features.

  • Feature Reference: A reference (URL, ID) to a specific Feature.


  • Only Polygon and MultiPolygon Feature types are supported.
  • Users can upload up to 1 million Features across 1 thousand Feature Collections.
  • title and description property fields are limited to 255 characters.

Learning Resources

For information on working with Planet APIs, see Get Started with Planet APIs.