last updated: September 08, 2022

Planet’s Google Earth Engine (GEE) Delivery integration is a supported delivery destination from Planet’s Orders API cloud-storage destinations.

The integration greatly simplifies the GEE delivery experience by creating a direct connection from Planet's APIs to GEE, so that you don't have to download then re-upload images or spin up temporary cloud storage when moving imagery to your GEE account.

To use the integration, your organization must have download quota. Don't have download quota? Please get in touch.

Planet’s GEE Delivery Integration is not subject to any Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Get Set Up

See our QuickStart guide to learn how to connect Planet's Platform to your GEE account.

Place an Order

Our Order & Delivery docs will guide you through the process of crafting an order and viewing a response, and details which Planet items and which API Operations are supported by the GEE delivery integration.

Tips for Getting Started in GEE

Discover some helpful code-snippets for working with Planet data in the GEE Code Editor in our Using Planet in GEE docs.

Access NICFI Basemaps in GEE

Planet maintains a special integration in GEE for the NICFI Basemaps. To access, please consult our documentation and resources.

Citing Planet Data

From a concept in our garage, to operating the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites, many people have invested time and energy in developing and enabling access to Planet’s unique data feed. Please cite Planet when using our imagery and tools.

To cite Planet data in publications, please include the following copyright notice:

"Image © 20xx Planet Labs PBC" (where xx denotes the year of the content used)

Learn More

You may be interested in Planet's One Minute to Integrations videos that demonstrate short workflows in GEE.

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