NICFI Basemaps in GEE

last updated: September 07, 2022


The Planet & NICFI Basemaps for Tropical Forest Monitoring Google Earth Engine (GEE) Integration directly hosts the NICFI Basemaps in GEE so that you can access them just as you access other GEE datasets.

Access NICFI Basemaps in GEE

To access the NICFI Basemaps in GEE, you must have signed up and accepted the terms at

  1. Once you have a NICFI Planet account and are logged into Planet with that account, you can self administer access to the Basemaps in GEE by navigating to your Account Settings page.

  2. Here you should see a “Access NICFI Data in Google Earth Engine” section. In this section, select the “Add to Earth Engine” button.

  3. This will open a dialog with the three EE Image Collections, which house the NICFI Basemaps, and a field to enter the email associated with your GEE account (note this may be different from your Planet account). The three EE Image Collections are: a. Tropical Americas b. Tropical Africa c. Tropical Asia

Note that you can edit your access after submitting, including which image collections you have access to and your email. However, each user is only permitted to register one email to the NICFI Basemaps so editing your GEE email may revoke access to the previously registered email.

Once the integration is established, you can get started with the NICFI Basemaps in GEE.

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