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What's New

March 23 2023

Improvements 🙌🏻

Composite orders with multiple product bundles are no longer supported

To ensure a more streamlined process and reduce the occurrence of failures, we have decided to discontinue support for composite orders that contain multiple product bundles. This change prevents downstream failures, resulting in a more efficient and reliable process. Going forward, users cannot submit composite orders with multiple product bundles, but must submit …

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March 22 2023

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • We continue to make improvements to our date selectors, users can now enter human readable dates, i.e. “Jan 10 2022” in addition to the traditional month-day-year (01-10-2022) format.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • We’ve fixed an issue with our date picker in tablet devices.
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March 16 2023

Can Planet data or the Planet platform be used with Python? It can, and not by accident. Planet is working to make it so. This post attempts to explain what the Python Geospatial Stack is and Planet’s role in keeping the stack in good shape so that developers continue to get value from it.

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February 23 2023

Directly Integrating Planet Data Delivery with Google Earth Engine

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