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What's New

April 28 2022

Previous generation of Doves (instrument ids PS2 and PS2.SD) imaging turned off

On March 1, 2022 Planet released the next generation of Planet Scope images that consist of near daily 8-band imagery. Planet has been maintaining near-daily 8-band coverage coverage since August, 2021. With the recent successful launch of 44 8-band Doves, Planet has made the decision to turn off imaging with the …

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April 26 2022

New ✨

We have a new way for you to share your Explorer session with others. The days of long URLs are over! You will notice that we no longer update the URL as you take different actions in the application or as data loads. We have added a way to generate a share link via a new "Share Session" button (see screenshot), this link …

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May 12 2022

Use the Subscriptions API for scouting, performance, precision applications, and more.

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April 21 2022

Join NICFI & Access Planet HiRes Tropical Data

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