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What's New

January 26 2023

Planet Add-in for ArcGIS Pro Updates

Improvements πŸ™ŒπŸ»

You can now view a size estimate when you draw an area of interest to search for Basemap quads.

Bug Fixes πŸ›

  • The auto-fill coordinates feature now correctly completes fields in the Tasking Dashboard when specifying a location in the Tasking panel.
  • The Planet Add-in for ArcGIS Pro now supports organizations that are using system proxies.
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January 19 2023

Tasking Dashboard Updates

Improvements πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • A link to Planet help and support resources is added to the Tasking Dashboard's main navigation.

  • The Estimated quota cost for the sqkm of an order request is now displayed:

    • In the footer of the Create an order page.

    • At the bottom of the ORDER SUMMARY page. Also, the CONTRACT TO DEDUCT FROM is listed.

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December 15 2022

While your area of study may be very complex, a simplified representation of it works best with Planet’s platform.

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October 06 2022

Planet imagery is data-rich, using 12 bits per pixel. Web browsers only display 8 bits per pixel. So how about using NumpyTiles and those extra 4 bits to do remote sensing in the browser?

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