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What's New

April 08 2021

New ✨

  • Orders UI refresh, making it easier to order assets
    • As you get used to the new look and feel, you can opt-out of this UI and revert back to the old UI via the Labs (see screenshot below)
    • The new interface removes the dropdown options and now has explicit listing of the available assets grouped by rectification (rectified vs unrectified)
    • You can select …
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April 07 2021

Planet updated the way that it selects and composites SkySat "anchor frames" or Scenes. Hence now SkySatCollects which would have previously faulted or been truncated due to faulty anchor frame selection will now publish to their full extent, potentially allowing gaps in the imagery. Note, faulty imagery will publish to the archive, however will not qualify to fulfill revenue orders.

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