Getting Started with Planet

last updated: June 14, 2021


To use any part of Planet's platform or any of Planet's applications, you'll need a Planet account. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for trial access.

To sign up, visit our signup page here and enter your email address to receive an invitation. Check your email & follow the directions to complete the registration process.

Alternatively, if you are a developer interested in developing with Planet's APIs, you can apply to our Developer Trial Program - be sure to include details on your development needs or usecase(s) in your application.

Choose your own Adventure

  1. Want to see Planet Imagery in your browser? Get started with Planet Explorer
  2. Prefer to use QGIS or ArcGIS? Check out Planet's Integrations for your GIS software of choice
  3. Ready to dive into Planet's collection of APIs? The APIs quickstart guide is for you