November 22 2021

AUM customers can now order archive imagery with the Subscriptions API. With the backfill subscriptions capability, you can now create a subscription with a start time (and end time) in the past. More details on Backfill subscriptions are available here:

December 17 2020

The "active" Subscriptions API status has been renamed to "running", to reduce confusion upon future release of the backfill subscriptions capability. More details on Subscription Statuses are available here:

Pagination has now been added to the GET Subscriptions endpoint. You can see a sample response in our API Reference here:

October 05 2020

Subscriptions API is Planet's new data delivery API which allows you to subscribe to continuous cloud delivery of the imagery and metadata you care about with a single API call. The best of Planet search, processing, and delivery, the Subscription's API's set-it-and-forget-it ordering capability will automatically push imagery to you as soon as it becomes available.