October 24, 2023

October 24, 2023

✨ New Cloud Filter Tool in the Subscriptions API ✨

Planet introduces a new Cloud Filter tool to the Subscriptions API. This new tool enables you to filter out imagery that exceeds customer provided Area of Interest cloud cover metadata thresholds.

For more information, refer to Subscriptions Tool.

✨ Subscriptions API Support for Planetary Variables ✨

This update provides support for our newest Planetary Variable, Forest Carbon Diligence 30 m, through the Subscriptions API.

You can subscribe to both raster and time series data. With this new feature, you have access to the data for the following:

  • Forest Carbon Diligence 30 m

If you are interested in Forest Carbon Diligence 30 m, you can create a subscription and specify this new Planetary Variable source type. If you subscribe to Imagery, this update does not require additional action.

For more information, refer to Subscribing to Planetary Variables.