Planet School

Relief of San Francisco, California - generated using open source software

Not sure where to begin with geospatial data? Need a hand getting started with web resources like Planet's API?

Planet School is here to help.

Planet School is aimed at data scientists, software engineers, imagery analysts, and more: anyone who is engaged in working with Earth Observation imagery and interested in learning more about basic EO and geospatial concepts.

Below you'll find a collection of self-guided tutorials with the information you need to get up to speed on tools and technology that will let you get the most out of Planet's data.

Planet 101

A gentle introduction to foundational concepts. New to geospatial data, or working with APIs? Start here.

Building a Toolbox

Get up and running with a collection of popular free & open-source tools for working with geospatial data

Cloud Native Geospatial

Guides to standards, tools and best practices for a Cloud-first approach to working with geospatial data

Deep Dives in Python

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Our extensive collection of free and open source Jupyter Notebooks is here to guide you through a number of intermediate-to-advanced level examples.