• November 22 2019

    Users can now specify more than one fallback bundle in the product_bundle field

  • November 20 2019

    Bulk ordering of imagery now possible with keyboard shortcut (Press Shift to select multiple results)

  • November 15 2019

    For bucket delivery, users are now required to provide an account with both write and delete access to the given bucket. This applies to all platforms, including AWS/S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure.

  • November 15 2019

    New NDVI tool for basemaps added to Explorer:

    • Surface Reflectance Basemaps now available in Explorer
    • New button with NDVI, False Color and RGB options for Surface Reflectance Basemaps
    • Additional indices in Labs tab in Explorer
    • Index visualization available in Compare mode

    Bug fixes:

    • Pixel Diff Lab is working

  • November 01 2019

    Explorer bug fixes:

    • Fixed Compare mode for Daily Imagery
    • Fixed issue with flickering Basemaps
    • Now showing most up-to-date Basemaps
    • Image Footprint visible on map when hovering over search result in left sidebar
    • Adjusted SkySat preview zoom level to 13 (from 10)