• February 06 2020

    SkySatVideo item type now available for search and download via the Data API and Python CLI. Item type information is available here:

  • January 29 2020

    Planet Explorer updates:

    • Improved visibility of search panel opener
    • Refined AOI selection, measuring and drawing tools guidance
    • Fixed: "low resolution" warning message no longer displayed erroneously

  • January 23 2020

    Planet Explorer updates:

    • Updates to Statusbar to make notifications easier to see
    • Users with an Access Only license no longer see erroneous download error messages
    • Fixed: search result AOIs in Explorer map view no longer off-center
    • Fixed: long text in info panels no longer trails past borders

    Broad updates and improved consistency in user interface and tool functionality

  • January 22 2020

    UDM and UDM2 files for SkySatCollect items no longer have their nodata value set to 1

  • January 13 2020

    • Authentication should now be properly honored/required on all Data API endpoints, specifically including:
      • /data/v1/download
      • /data/v1/spec
      • /data/v1/stats
      • /data/v1/swagger