June 17 2020

Users can now see order dimensions in the order summary exactly calculated by the system and not with an approximation.

June 5, 2020

New Planet School resources

June 4, 2020

New ✨

  • Additional visualization indexes (e.g. NDWI) are now available through a Lab.

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • Explorer's User Guide is now available from our Help Menu.
  • The analytic_sr bundle and its assets is now available to order for PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile items

May 29 2020

Data API supports a new filter option: UpdateFilter. This filter can be used to filter items by changes to a specified metadata field value made after a specified date. It allows users to identify items which may have been republished with quality improvements or fixes, enabling them to keep internal catalogs up-to-date and make more informed redownload decisions. You can read more on this filter type here:

May 29 2020

Order fulfilment percentage of "progress" is now displayed: