August 2017

  • Data API - Added unorthorectified SkySat items to the Data API.

May 2017

April 2017

Planet API

  • Data API - Added ground_control to field PSScene3Band, PSScene4Band, PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile item meta.
  • Data API - Added width parameter to item thumbnail endpoint.
  • Data API - Added thumbnail to the links array in item responses.
  • Data API - Python API client and command-line interface tools have been released for users developing applications in Python.
  • Data API - JavaScript API client has been released for users developing applications in JavaScript.
  • Mosaics API - Planet Basemaps are now available as a stand-alone XYZ Web Service.

Imagery Products

  • Added visual asset to the Sentinel2L1C item type.
  • Full monthly basemaps now available.

Planet Explorer

  • Added basemap compare tool, allowing you to compare two timelapse mosaics side-by-side.

Mar 2017

Planet API

  • Data API - Added quality_category field to the PlanetScope item metadata as documented in the product specification guide.
  • Data API - Increased download rate limit to 15 requests per second.

Imagery Products

  • Basemap color-balancing techniques added to improving color balancing, scene line minimization and removing artifacts due to snow and clouds.

Planet Explorer

  • Planet Explorer is open to the public!
  • Planet explorer now has improved timeline manipulations allowing users to easily step through our automated time-lapse basemaps.

Feb 2017

  • Data API - Added standard terrain-corrected Landsat 8 scenes (item type: Landsat8L1G).
  • Data API - Added level 1C Sentinel-2 scenes (item type: Sentinel2L1C).
  • Data API - Bug fix: Removed assets from the /assets endpoint when the user does not have download permissions.