August 31 2023

Tasking Dashboard Updates

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • For Explorer and Tasking Dashboard users, it is now possible to filter captures by itemIds (referred to as sceneIds in Explorer)

August 30, 2023

New ✨

Path Prefix Support for the Subscriptions API

You can now use the path_prefix parameter in the Subscriptions API when you deliver subscriptions to one of our supported cloud storage providers. This is an optional string that will prepend to the files delivered to the bucket.

August 29 2023

Tasking Dashboard Updates

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • Similar to Explorer, a status bar visible on the Map view is now available and contains:
    • Attribution / copyright
    • Pinned coordinates that is visible upon click anywhere on the map. These coordinates can then be optionally copied or deleted.
    • Mouse coordinates
    • Zoom level
    • Scale

August 16, 2023

New Vertices Support for the Subscriptions API 🙌🏻

You can now use geometries with up to 1,500 vertices in the Planet Subscriptions API.

July 28, 2023

Planet QGIS Plugin

Improvements 🙌🏻

The new Planet QGIS Plugin provides the following enhancements:

  • Customers can access the new publishing stage filters for PlanetScope data. The filters provide the ability to see even more available PlanetScope imagery in your Area of Interest (AOI). More details on the publishing stage filters are available in, Items & Assets.

  • Customers can apply a composite tool at order checkout. The composite tool seamlessly arranges scenes to produce a reduced number of images with minimal or no overlap. By eliminating unnecessary overlaps within the imagery, the overall area covered in the delivered imagery for an AOI or strip is decreased.

Note: The PSOrthoTile Item Types are deprecated and have been removed from this version of the Planet QGIS Plugin.