October 04, 2021

New ✨

  • Account has a new look and new functionality.
    • Simple visualizations so that you can see at a glance, how much quota has been used + how much is still available per plan.
    • Ability to download reports that are generated daily to show the usage of the previous day. This includes all download plans, including Area Under Management.
  • Organization Admins can:
    • Easily view all of the organizations under their management, see their respective plans and understand the quota already used + still available.
    • Download reports for all of the plans they manage.
    • View all users within the organization(s) they manage.
  • General Users can view how much quota has already been used + is still available, per plan.
  • NICFI Users can now sign up for access to NICFI Basemaps in Google Earth Engine via “My Settings”. If you had previously signed up, no action is required and you will see your access reflected in the application.

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • We’ve been working hard at making things more consistent and have done some nomenclature updates. Namely “Plan Subscriptions” is now “Plans”

Other Changes ⚙️

  • We’ve removed the “Usage” tab. You can now download reports by going directly to the Plan you’d like a report for.

October 04, 2021

The 2.1.1 patch addresses a number of quality improvements, including a time-stamp discrepancy issue impacting the image search results from the Planet inspector tool, compared to the timestamp on results returned by the image search panel. These time stamps are now consistent and accurate.

September 20, 2021

Going forward, fast-publish asset provisioning (reference L1A in Planet's imagery spec) will be AOI based, in that only the scenes that overlap the customers’ AOIs will be available for view and download by the customer. The final ortho assets will continue to be provisioned for the full overlapping SkySatCollect segment.

Additionally, only the SkySatCollect segments that overlap the tasking customers’ AOIs will be available for view and download by the customer. Hence, if a SkySat capture is broken up into multiple SkySatCollect segments, only those that overlap the customer’s AOI will be provisioned to them.

August 23, 2021

Display length value next to the drawn line on the map

August 12, 2021

Check approximation and localization for all orders in order entry. Make it apparent that the length and area measurements in the Tasking Dashboard are only approximations.