April 12, 2021

"Best capture" layer for customers and internal users.

Add more captures filters.

AOI upload from drive (supporting different formats)

April 08, 2021

New ✨

  • Orders UI refresh, making it easier to order assets
    • As you get used to the new look and feel, you can opt-out of this UI and revert back to the old UI via the Labs (see screenshot below)
    • The new interface removes the dropdown options and now has explicit listing of the available assets grouped by rectification (rectified vs unrectified)
    • You can select as many assets as desired, each selection will result in a separate order.
    • Each order can be configured individually with respect to file format, clipping, and selected items.
    • We will no longer modify the order name, the orders panel will give sufficient context as to what was ordered. The downloaded zip will follow the pattern of <order_name>_<item_type>_<bundleName>.zip

  • Snapshot Lab - this feature is only available for customers.
    • By turning on the Snapshot Lab you can download a JPEG image of your current Explorer screen with pre-embedded metadata.

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • You can now filter for standard quality imagery (which excludes test imagery).
    • If turned on, you will only see standard imagery
    • If turned off, both standard & test imagery is included in the search results

April 07, 2021

Planet updated the way that it selects and composites SkySat "anchor frames" or Scenes. Hence now SkySatCollects which would have previously faulted or been truncated due to faulty anchor frame selection will now publish to their full extent, potentially allowing gaps in the imagery. Note, faulty imagery will publish to the archive, however will not qualify to fulfill revenue orders.

April 01, 2021

Validate geojson but without forcing right-hand rule.

March 29, 2021

Show better mapView error.

Handle the case when BE returns a 400 with too many objects error.

New message in order history when a successfully locked in order fails during image processing.

Fix order entry crash when a polygon with an incorrect coordinates array is pasted into the GeoJSON input field.