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April 01 2018

Planet API

  • The Clips API has been deprecated - we will no longer be supporting the standalone Clip and Ship service.
  • Bug Fix - Saved search email notification have been reenabled.

Basemaps and Mosaics

  • March monthly mosaic released.
  • Desert region boundaries smoothing, decreasing visible sharp lines.
  • White balance adjusted to produce deserts with more contrast.
  • Updated snowline and color target to better represent snowy regions.
  • De-weighting of RapidEye within snowline to avoid patches.

March 01 2018

Basemaps and Mosaics

  • February monthly mosaic released.
  • Desert and snow regions produced with region specific color balancing.

February 01 2018

Planet API

  • Quick search API - Added strict parameter to strictly remove false positives from geo intersection.
  • Mosaics API - Added name__is and name__contains search parameters.
  • Developer's Center - Release of comprehensive API docs.
  • Quick Search API - Search performance improvements.
  • Data API - Reduction of rate limits on certain endpoints.

Imagery Products

Basemaps and Mosaics

  • Added 4 Band Surface Reflectance Basemap.
  • January monthly mosaic released.
  • Adjusted color curve to avoid black scenes.
  • Adjusted color balance to enhance contrast in deserts and reducing blockiness of snow.
  • Improved WTMS support for base maps with different max zoom levels.
  • Improved API performance when listing many quads.

January 11 2018

This is a major release. We have switched to a new API endpoint and have changed API syntax. Refer to the API docs for more information.

In summary, here is what has changed:

  • Switched to Product Bundles
  • Introducing Raster Toolkit with 8 tools:
  • Clip Crops the raw imagery to desired boundaries
  • TOAR Convert radiance to top of atmospheric (TOR) imagery
  • Tile Tiles images to desired specification
  • Composite Merge multiples images into a single image
  • Reproject Converts coordinate projection system
  • Band Math Perform arbitrary band math to create outputs like NDVI
  • Image co-registration Aligns multiple images within few pixels over a same geographical area
  • Zip per product bundle or entire results in a single zip file.
  • Improved error messages

December 01 2017

Planet Explorer

  • Added new status bar with many new features.
  • Added new measurement tools, allowing you to interactively measure line and area features.
  • Added new bearing tool, allowing you to find distance/direction between two points.
  • Added New settings panel, allowing you to configure the units and positions.
  • Add new ground control option, allowing you toggle ground locked imagery.

Planet API

  • Data API - Added SkySatScene items to the Data API.