October 15, 2020

Expose satellite elevation configuration on Order Entry:

October 12, 2020

New ✨

Ability to order Hosted Data (beta)

We’ve moved the color enhancements to its own tab. You can now see the color histogram and color curve and adjust it.. This will make it a “manual” enhancement.

Improvements 🙌🏻

We’ve made some more improvements to the results layout, added some more iconography to accommodate more information at a glance

October 12, 2020

Block creating too many orders:

October 8 2020

ArcGIS Add-In v1.3

Bug fix: ArcGIS Pro 2.6 introduced a new autosave project functionality. This upgrade was causing frequent pop-up messages from the Planet ArcGIS Add-In alerting users that their API key may be embedded in their project if they are using a Planet tile streaming service. Planet has decoupled these pop-up warnings from the autosave function in ArcGIS Pro with the Planet ArcGIS Add-In v1.3 patch. The warning has been re-associated with ArcGIS Pro “Share” capabilities like Share Project and Share Web Map. Additionally, users now have the option to disable the warning message for their project by selecting “Don’t show again for this project. Users can download the latest version here.

October 6, 2020

New Tasking Functionality

  • Order Lock-In

    Our SkySat Assured Tasking customers will now be able to see upcoming collection opportunities for each of their targets, and lock-in the specific access windows they would like captured. This allows customers full control of their daily collection plan, with visibility into full constellation daily access, with precisely forecasted collection opportunities. We call this capability Order Lock-In.

  • Email Notifications & Order History

    Email Notifications and Order History are part of the notification and status reporting system that provides an extensive support to monitor and operate orders within the Tasking API and Dashboard. Our users will receive a certain set of emails triggered by order and capture activities including an interface to opt in / out and customise notifications as needed. The Tasking Dashboard will be extended with a historical view on order level where we'll populate the same set of order and capture activities that brings a better visibility about order progress.