February 20, 2020

Planet Explorer:

  • NDVI Color Ramp Picker is now available in IE
  • Imagery that has been downsampled is now designated with a color tint watermark
  • Updates across the map tool UI include new map buttons & a new zoom tool

Planet Stories:

  • Users with scenes-only imagery access can now create Stories

Planet Account page:

  • Fixed bug where Account Settings didn't load properly in IE

February 11 2020

Clicking on Planet icon now opens the Order Table View with no rows selected.

February 10 2020

Users can now view (lat, lon) coordinates of a Point Order in the Order Details view of the Tasking Dashboard

February 6 2020

SkySatVideo item type now available for search and download via the Data API and Python CLI. Item type information is available here:

January 29, 2020

Planet Explorer updates:

  • Improved visibility of search panel opener
  • Refined AOI selection, measuring and drawing tools guidance
  • Fixed: "low resolution" warning message no longer displayed erroneously