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March 01 2017

Planet API

  • Data API - Added quality_category field to the PlanetScope item metadata as documented in the product specification guide.
  • Data API - Increased download rate limit to 15 requests per second.

Imagery Products

  • Basemap color-balancing techniques added to improving color balancing, scene line minimization and removing artifacts due to snow and clouds.

Planet Explorer

  • Planet Explorer is open to the public!
  • Planet explorer now has improved timeline manipulations allowing users to easily step through our automated time-lapse basemaps.

February 01 2017

  • Data API - Added standard terrain-corrected Landsat 8 scenes (item type: Landsat8L1G).
  • Data API - Added level 1C Sentinel-2 scenes (item type: Sentinel2L1C).
  • Data API - Bug fix: Removed assets from the /assets endpoint when the user does not have download permissions.

January 01 2017

Planet API

  • Data API - Increased activation and download rate limit to 5 requests per second.
  • Data API - Added md5_digest field to the assets endpoint for use in tracking asset version changes and corrupted downloads.
  • Data API - Added strip_id field to the PlanetScope item metadata for use in associating items to collections.
  • Data API - Added anomalous_pixels field to the PlanetScope and RapidEye items metadata which indicates the percentage of pixels that may be problematic.

Imagery Products

  • Improved sharpening algorithms have been applied to PSScene3Band, PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile item types.
  • Added acquisition time in UTC as TIFFTAG_DATETIME tag in PlanetScope GeoTIFF assets.

Planet Explorer

  • Planetscope 4-band scenes now available in Planet Explorer for easier access to NIR band.

December 01 2016

  • Quick search API - Bug fix: Searches using permission filters not returning the correct results. Searches now return data that can be downloaded.
  • Data API - Added /thumb endpoint to items. Each item now allows direct access to a down-sampled preview of the data.
  • Data API - Disassociated activation and download throttling. There used to be a single rate limit for activating and downloading assets, but Planet has split this into two separate rates that can be controlled separately. This should give API users greater control over how they access data and apply backoff strategies to prevent 429 error codes.
  • Data API - Increased download rate limit to 2 requests per second.
  • Data API - Bug fix: Removed incorrectly-advertised analytic asset from some items. Not all PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band items have analytic assets.