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July 20 2020

Question icon for GeoJSON informs the user about current capabilities of the chosen product:

July 17 2020

ArcGIS Add-In V1.2

New ✨

  • Users can now select and download their entire basemap (they're no longer limited at 50 basemap quads)
  • The "Create mosaic dataset" post basemap download is now an optional setting when selecting your basemap quads

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • The basemap downloader tool now uses the default folder browser to prevent remove permissions errors when creating the mosaic dataset
  • Extracting downloads from your orders panel no longer fails when un-zipping

July 15 2020

Planet Explorer updates:

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Open water searches now show results as expected

July 14 2020

Orders API supports a new "file_format" tool, which allows customers to convert their geoTIFFs to COGs (cloud-optimized geoTIFFs) and NITF 2.1 format to support more efficient workflows on the web. More information on this tool is available here:

July 13 2020

Planet Explorer updates:

New ✨

  • New Explorer UI that brings a better user experience with relocated tools.
  • Color Enhance for basemaps
    • Auto Enhance, Snow, and Desert modes
    • Custom enhancement via brightness, contrast, and saturation controls
  • Additional Spectral Indices have been promoted from a Lab to the tool
    • NDWI (using NIR), MTVI2, VARI, MSAVI2
  • You no longer need to draw an AOI to compare two basemaps