How to Order and Stream Hosted Data

last updated: March 18, 2024

Analyze Planet daily scenes in Explorer when you order hosted data. To order a scene for analysis, search for imagery according to your needs, and click Order Scenes. A dialogue box prompts you to choose between an order for download or an order for analysis in Explorer. If you would like to order your image for analysis in Explorer and download later, you must place two separate orders.

Viewing Hosted Data

The hosted data drawer is organized by Folders that you ordered your hosted data into. In each folder, hosted data is organized by date.

At the date level, you will see two buttons:

  • The eye pulls up a preview of all images from a specific date on the map.
  • X items > navigates to the scene level on a specific date to allow for more granular selections.


If you click the X items > button, you will see results for specific images. The hosted data imagery card shows three action buttons:

  • The eye shows a preview of the hosted data imagery on the map.
  • The streaming link provides a streaming link to share your hosted data tiles via WMTS, XYZ, and COG.
  • The download arrow downloads the Cloud Optimized Geotiff to your computer at no extra cost.
  • The double square locks the image footprint on the map.


Order Hosted Data for Analysis in Explorer

To order a scene for analysis, complete the following steps.

  1. Search for imagery and click Order Scenes. A dialogue box prompts you to choose between an order for download or an order for analysis in Explorer.
    Note: If you order your image for analysis in Explorer and then download the image, you must place two separate orders.
  2. Click Hosted analysis in Explorer.
  3. Add your imagery into a Folder using the drop-down of existing Folders with the option to add a new Folder.
    Note: We recommend naming Folders according to location and adding the imagery into a Folder with imagery in a similar area of interest.
  4. After you select a Folder, click Place Order. Images can take at least 15 minutes to be prepared.
  5. After the images are complete, they appear in your folder.


How to Find Your Hosted Data in Your Folder

To find your Folder, complete the following steps.

  1. Select the Access your hosted data for analysis icon from the left side toolbar. access_data.png

  2. Click the icon to choose between My Folders and Demo Data.

  3. Click My Folders to view a list of your Folders and select the Folder with your ordered imagery.


Note: If your imagery is still being prepared, a status message displays Processing images. Each Folder lists your ordered images, organized by date.

How to Check the Status of your Imagery in Your Folder

To check the status of your imagery, go to My Orders to view the status of your imagery. If the order fails, the imagery does not appear in the list. If the status is Failed:

  • Try to place the order again.
  • The imagery is not supported, it will continue to fail. Planet does not support PlanetScope 3band assets, RapidEye Scenes, Landsat, and Sentinel.
  • Contact Planet Support if you continue to have issues with failed orders.

Analyze Hosted Data

Select the appropriate Folder and click the daily scene that you would like to analyze. Select tools from the right-hand toolbar, such as enhancing pixels or using spectral visualizations.

Streaming your Hosted Data Tiles

You have the ability to stream your hosted data tiles via WMTS and XYZ tile services as well as Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF (COG). This gives you the option to stream hosted data tiles directly into your own tools and web apps without exposing your API key.

To enable streaming links for your hosted data take the following steps.

  1. Go to the folder that you wish to enable.
  2. Hover your cursor over the folder name to see the streaming link icon.
  3. Click this icon to toggle on enablement of streaming links for the folder.
  4. You will now see the link to stream your entire folder via WMTS tiles.



After opening the folder, you can click through the dates to the scene level. Individual scenes may be streamed via WMTS, XYZ and/or as a COG. Click the streaming link icon to view the streaming links.



Quota Charges for Hosted Data

When you order hosted data, quota charges will apply. Planet will process, store and host your data for as long as your account is active. To check on your quota, go to your Planet Account page. Use your orders page to view:

  • View and download your usage report
  • Your Quota Used to represent your charges
  • Your Download Area to represent what you received
  • Orders for hosted analysis and downloads

    Note: If you order the same scene for hosted analysis and download, your Download Area charge will double from your Quota Used number.

How to Re-Order Assets for Download

Hosted Data can be used as a “quick look” to visualize imagery and is available to download the data after the initial assessment in Explorer. Place an existing Hosted Data order from the My Orders tab. Locate your order, and click Order Again. If you clipped your Hosted Data order, the area of interest is saved and can be used again to select which assets you want to order for download.

For more information about imagery orders, see the Planet Explorer FAQ

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