How To Order Hosted Data

last updated: June 14, 2021

You can analyze Planet's daily scenes directly in the browser when you order hosted data. This data is full-resolution, full bit-depth, and includes spectral band information. This additional data enables you to use tools like pixel enhancement and spectral visualizations (which you can't use on preview imagery in the catalog).

Your hosted data will be available in your Folder for one year.

Order Hosted Data for Analysis in Explorer

To order a scene for analysis, search for imagery according to your needs, and click Order Scenes. You will see a dialogue box that asks you to choose between ordering for download or ordering for analysis in Explorer.

Please Note: If you would like to order your image for analysis in Explorer and downlaod after, you will have to place two separate orders. Please Note: Currently, you can only order PlanetScope 4band, PS Orthotile, and RapidEye Orthotile imagery for analysis in Explorer.

Click on the option "I want to order this data for hosted analysis in Explorer"

Add your imagery into a Folder. You will see a drop-down of existing Folders with the option to add a new Folder. We recommend naming Folders according to location and adding imagery into a Folder with imagery in a similar AOI.

Once you've selected a Folder, click Place Order. Images can take at least 15 minutes to be prepared. Once they are ready, they will appear in your Folder.


Find your Hosted Data in your Folder

To find your Folder, go to the left hand navigation and click on the third icon down. The tooltip reads Access your hosted data for analysis.

Once you click on the icon, you will see a fly out with the option to choose My Folders and Demo Data. Click on My Folders to see a list of your Folders. Click into the Folder you just ordered imagery into. If your imagery is still being prepared, you will see a message that reads "Processing images." In each Folder, you will see a list of the images you ordered, organized by date.

If you cannot find the imagery that you ordered, the order failed. You can go to My Orders (the fourth icon in the left hand toolbar) to check on the status of your imagery. If there is a tag that says "Failed" the order has failed, and you will have to place it once more. If you try to order imagery that we do not support, the order will continue to fail. Imagery includes SkySat, PlanetScope 3band, RapidEye Scenes, Landsat, and Sentinel. If you continue to have issues with failed orders, please contact support by submitting a request.

Analyze Hosted Data

Select the appropriate Folder and click on the daily scene that you would like to analyze. Select tools from the right-hand toolbar, such as enhancing pixels or using spectral visualizations.

Quota Charges for Hosted Data

When you order hosted data, quota charges will apply. We will process, store and host your data for one year.

If you would like to order hosted data and download the same scene, you will only be charged one time. Please make your second order within 30 days of the first order. Your quota for the second order will be credited back to your account.

To check on your quota, go to your Planet Account page. On the left hand side, click on Usage to download your usage report.

On your usage report, your "Quota Used" represents what you got charged for and your "Download Area" represents what you received. If you order the same scene for hosted analysis and for download, your "Download Area" should be double what your "Quota Used" number is.