How To Save Your Work

In the left side panel, directly below the search results, there is a "Save Search" option.

When you click Save Search, you see a window appear that prompts you for the name of the Save Search (it defaults to the text you typed into the Search bar initially). Below the name prompt, there is an option to save the search to a particular folder - or if you don't have any folders yet, to create a folder - to save the search in. If you choose to create a new folder, click "Create New", type in the name of the new folder, and click "Add" on the right. Below the folder interface, there is some information about the filters that were in place when you chose to save the search.

Filters have a default, but can be changed/dismissed in the dialogue directly below the Save Search link.

There is also an option to Enable Notifications - using a toggle button. When the button is teal, it is turned on - when the button is grey, it is turned off. This option means that when new imagery becomes available within the AOI, you will receive an email.

  • Note: these notifications are not affected by the Date Range Filter you specified - it applies to all new imagery within your AOI boundary.

To access Searches that you have Saved, click the icon just below the Search icon, called Saved Search.


If you have already Saved your Search, and wish to update it with new filter parameters, you can choose "Update Search" at the top (where Save Search text was initially).


Download area of interest as GEOJSON

You can download the GEOJSON file of the area of interest (AOI) you drew in Explorer by clicking this icon on the map. The icon only appears once you have drawn an AOI.

Name your file and click "Download".