How To Manage Your Account

In the top navigation, on the supper right hand corner of the webpage, you will see an account icon, app switcher, and help icon.


Help Dropdown

The first icon, which looks like a question mark will display a list of help resources, including Planet's Help Center, this User Guide, our Changelog, and Terms of Service. You can also take a tour of the Explorer application for contextual help and submit feedback.

The Help Center button opens the Planet Support website in a new tab or browser window, linked here: Planet Support. This page contains White Papers & Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, Help, Community Pages and a link to Contact Sales. This page can be a great resource for questions not answered in this User Guide.

The Changelog is an updated list of all engineering changes made to Explorer.

The Terms link will open a popup window with links to Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and various links to data agencies & companies used in the creation of the Planet Explorer basemap & data.


App Switcher

The second icon which looks like an app library will display a list of available applications that you can navigate to:

When clicked on, the links in this list will open a new tab or browser window (depending on your personal settings).


Account Information

The account icon in the topmost right corner allows you to Manage searches, orders and account as the tooltip suggests when you float your mouse over the icon. When clicked on, a full side screen menu opens on the right, allowing you to navigate and look at the account information associated with your email address.

In the right hand menu, a series of tabs can be found that allow you to navigate into your saved Searches, manage your Orders, try beta features in Labs and change Preferences.

The view defaults to showing the Searches tab, where you will see a list of your folders and searches alphabetically.

If you click on the Orders tab, you will see any past or in progress orders you've made of imagery. You can download these zipped files by clicking on them.

The Lab tab allows you to try beta features before they've been released.

The Preferences tab allows you to set or reset default values for the Coordinate System and the Measurement System.

At the bottom of the left hand account bar, you'll see the option to see Account Settings and Log Out.

Clicking on the Account Settings button opens a new tab or browser window to the Planet Account page. On this page, you are able to view your personal account settings, including updating or disabling your profile, changing your password, reviewing your orders and reviewing invitations and usage of organizational accounts.