How To Order and Download Imagery

If you have a contract with Planet, you can download imagery directly from Explorer or via Planet's APIs. If you do not have a contract with Planet, you will not be able to download imagery from Explorer. Please contact sales if you would like to download imagery but don't currently have access.

At the very bottom of the left Search panel, you will see two buttons - one for API {:} and one for Orders. Both of these buttons reference the images in the above panel that you've selected (in the case below, the 6 images from April 25, 2020 - 4-band PlanetScope Scene)


The API Button

The API button will open a subpanel with three tabs - Overview, cURL Request and Selected IDs. The view defaults to the Overview tab. On this tab, you can copy your individual API key. Links to the documentation and support pages are available here too.


The cURL Request tab has the text of the cURL request syntax prepared, as well as a handy Copy cURL button to make sure you don't miss any characters.


The Selected IDs tab simply gives you the identification numbers of the images you have selected in the above panel for your reference.


To close the API {:} subpanel, click on the API button a second time.

The Order Items Button

The Order Items(n) - where n equals the number of image sets you have selected in the panel above - button will open a Download Imagery window, with an interface for choosing the imagery you'd like to download.


The Name field is required and you can choose your own naming convention here. You can finalize your order below by selecting the imagery (click on the image to select or deselect, indicated by a check-mark), choosing the bands, radiometry, rectification, and output format. You will see a summary of the assets you'll receive right before you click Place Order.

Please note: some customers have access to clipping imagery (per their contract). Clipping imagery allows you to limit download of pixels that are in the AOI you drew, only. Otherwise, you download the entire scene your AOI touches. If you would like to clip imagery, but don't currently see that option in the interface, please reach out to your Account Manager on the support team.

Downloading your Order

Once you choose Place Order, you will see a note pop up briefly that you'll be notified by email when your imagery download is ready. The left panel will pop open automatically to the Orders tab, and you'll see your order in progress.

Please note: any orders made before May 20, 2020 will no longer show up in your Orders tab. You can still access these Orders in the Legacy Orders tab in your Account Page. You can find your Account Page by clicking on the icon in the top-most right-hand corner of the Explorer navigation.

When the order has been packaged and is ready for download, you will get an email to the address associated with your account. Once ready, you will be able to download a .zip of your assets from the Orders section in the left hand toolbar.