last updated: March 18, 2024

The SkySat Video products include a video mpeg-4 file, with all captured frames used to produce the video as L1A panchromatic scenes.

Products Overview

Full motion videos are collected between 30 and 120 seconds by a single camera from any of the active SkySats. Videos are collected using only the Panchromatic half of the camera, hence all videos are PAN only. Videos are packaged and delivered with a video mpeg-4 file, plus all image frames with accompanying video metadata and a frame index file.

Video Product Metadata

Field Value Sample
_permissions Assets available for the item which the authenticated user has permission to download. array
geometry Geographic boundary of the item's footprint, formatted as a GeoJSON polygon. json
id Globally unique item identifier. string
acquired Timestamp that the item was captured. datetime
camera_id Camera used for imaging. string
item_type Name of the item type. string
provider Name of the item provider (e.g. “planetscope”, ”rapideye”). string
published Timestamp that the item was published to the Planet API. datetime
publishing_stage Stage of publishing for an item. SkySatVideo items will be first published and remain in "finalized" stage. string
quality_category Metric for image quality. To qualify for “standard” image quality an image must meet a variety of quality standards, for example: sun altitude greater than or equal to 10 degrees, off nadir view angle less than 20 degrees, and saturated pixels fewer than 20%. If the image does not meet these criteria it is considered “test” quality. string
satellite_azimuth Angle from true north to the satellite vector at the time of imaging, averaged across the full SkySatCollect, projected on the horizontal plane in degrees (0 - 360). double
satellite_id Globally unique satellite identifier. string
strip_id The unique identifier of the image stripe that the item came from. string
sun_azimuth The angle of the sun, as seen by the observer, measured clockwise from the north (0 - 360). double
sun_elevation The angle of the sun above the horizon (0 - 90). double
updated Timestamp that the item record was last updated. datetime
view_angle The satellite's across-track, off-nadir viewing angle. Positive numbers denote east, negative numbers denote west (-25 - +25). double

Available Asset Types

Asset Name Description
video_file Video mp4 file of all overlapping basic l1a panchromatic frames
video_frames Compressed folder with all basic l1a panchromatic frames and accompanying RPCs that make up the video file
video_metadata json document describing the composite location of the video capture, as well as time, elevation angle, and azimuth angle at the start and end of the collection

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