The SkySat Video products include a video mpeg-4 file, with all captured frames used to produce the video as L1A panchromatic scenes.

Products Overview

Full motion videos are collected between 30 and 120 seconds by a single camera from any of the active SkySats. Videos are collected using only the Panchromatic half of the camera, hence all videos are PAN only. Videos are packaged and delivered with a video mpeg-4 file, plus all image frames with accompanying video metadata and a frame index file.

Video Product Metadata

Field Value Sample
Satellite Satellite ID 00110
Camera Camera used for imaging 2
Geometry Composite of the geospatial extent of all frames in the video GeoJson Polygon
Publishing Stage Stage of publishing for an item. SkySatVideo items will be first published and remain in "finalized" stage. finalized
Start Start time of video capture 2018-04-10T21:43:07
End End time of video capture 2018-04-10T21:44:07
Duration (s) Duration of video in seconds 59.976592063903809
Start Satellite collection elevation of first frame in video 55.476973516035933
End Satellite collection elevation of last frame in video 61.410026752389307
Convergence Convergence angle between first and last frames 5.9330532363533734
Start Satellite azimuth angle of first frame in video 48.316762122631033
End Satellite azimuth angle of last frame in video 143.12580513942621
Delta Difference between start and end satellite azimuth angle 94.809043016795172
Panchromatic Gain Sensor amplification of the signal 1.0, 10.0, or 30.0
Panchromatic Integration Time Integration time, in ms 433.59375
Compression Ratio The ratio for which the bit depth of an image is compressed 4.0
Scan Rate Kms The ground speed at which the SkySat captures image frames 433.59375

Available Asset Types

Asset Name Description
video_file Video mp4 file of all overlapping basic l1a panchromatic frames
video_frames Compressed folder with all basic l1a panchromatic frames and accompanying RPCs that make up the video file
video_metadata json document describing the composite location of the video capture, as well as time, elevation angle, and azimuth angle at the start and end of the collection