The SkySat Collect product is an orthorectified composite of SkySat scenes from a SkySat collection.

Products Overview

A typical SkySat collect ranges from approximately 50-70 SkySat scenes and contains 4 multispectral bands, as well as the panchromatic band. This product is sensor and geometrically corrected, and is projected to a cartographic map projection. The geometric correction uses fine Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with a post spacing of between 30 and 90 meters. Ground Control Points (GCPs) are used in the creation of every image and the accuracy of the product will vary from region to region based on available GCPs.

Item Properties

Property Name Description Type
id Globally unique item identifier. string
_permissions The permissions that the authenticated user has to the item. array
item_type Name of the item type. string
provider Name of the item provider (e.g. “planetscope”, ”rapideye”). string
satellite_id Globally unique satellite identifier. string
strip_id The unique identifier of the image stripe that the item came from. string
geometry Geographic boundary, formatted as a GeoJSON polygon. json
cloud_cover Average percentage of cloud coverage. double
gsd Ground sample distance - the distance between pixel centers as measured on the ground in meters. double
sun_azimuth The angle of the sun, as seen by the observer, measured clockwise from the north (0 - 360). double
sun_elevation The angle of the sun above the horizon (0 - 90). double
view_angle The satellite's across-track, off-nadir viewing angle. Positive numbers denote east, negative numbers denote west (-25 - +25). double
ground_control_ratio Ratio of individual scenes that are successfully rectified. double
acquired Timestamp that the item was captured. datetime
published Timestamp that the item was published to the Planet API. datetime
updated Timestamp that the item record was last updated. datetime

Available Asset Types

Asset Name Description
ortho_visual Color corrected GeoTiff for visual applications.
ortho_analytic_dn Non-radiometrically calibrated GeoTiff suitable for analytic applications.
ortho_analytic_udm Unusable Data Mask - Unusable data bit mask in GeoTIFF format for the analytic scene assets.
ortho_pansharpened Color corrected and pansharpened GeoTiff for visual applications.
ortho_pansharpened_udm Unusable Data Mask - Unusable data bit mask in GeoTIFF format for the pansharpened scene assets.
ortho_panchromatic_dn Basic sensor corrected panchromatic band GeoTiff. Scene based framing and not projected to a cartographic projection.
ortho_panchromatic_udm Unusable Data Mask - Unusable data bit mask in GeoTIFF format for the pansharpened DN scene assets.
ortho_panchromatic Orthorectified Radiometrically-calibrated panchromatic image stored as 16-bit scaled radiance
ortho_panchromatic_udm2 Orthorectified usable data mask (Cloud 2.0)
ortho_analytic_udm2 Orthorectified usable data mask (Cloud 2.0)
ortho_pansharpened_udm2 Orthorectified usable data mask (Cloud 2.0)