May 24 2019

Added the ability for users to specify "fallback bundles" in the product_bundle field using a comma delimited list.

September 20 2018

This is a minor release.

Notification emails were previously being sent in text/plain format only. They will now be sent in multipart/alternative and include both plaintext and HTML formatting. The original plaintext version of the email is formatted exactly as it was prior to this change.

July 16 2018

This is a minor release with a few user facing changes. Most changes are new and old behavior should not change.

  • Incorrect archive_type results in a validation error. See Zipping Results section of documentation. This is an optional field and if you haven't been setting it, the type will default to zip.
  • You can now specify your webhook callback to be per_order: true. This is an optional parameter and, if omitted, the default behavior will be used whereby you’ll receive a webhook callback per bundle. See the Webhook section of documentation.
  • We have new validation rules on orders to ensure correct type of parameters (you can't use a number in a string field), and cannot specify operations that do not exist.

January 11 2018

This is a major release. We have switched to a new API endpoint and have changed API syntax. Refer to the API docs for more information.

In summary, here is what has changed:

  • Switched to Product Bundles
  • Introducing Raster Toolkit with 8 tools:
  • Clip Crops the raw imagery to desired boundaries
  • TOAR Convert radiance to top of atmospheric (TOR) imagery
  • Tile Tiles images to desired specification
  • Composite Merge multiples images into a single image
  • Reproject Converts coordinate projection system
  • Band Math Perform arbitrary band math to create outputs like NDVI
  • Image co-registration Aligns multiple images within few pixels over a same geographical area
  • Zip per product bundle or entire results in a single zip file.
  • Improved error messages