last updated: June 14, 2021

Google Earth Engine Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

Do I need download quota to deliver imagery to Earth Engine?

Yes. Delivery to GEE requires and consumes download quota.

Which raster operations are supported by Planet’s GEE Delivery Integration?

In V1, Planet is only supporting the Clip raster operation.

What is the Max Order size to GEE?

The max order size depends on your Orders plan and how much quota you have for download. Max order size can range from 500 to 2K assets per order, depending on your plan.

What is an appropriate scale of usage for Planet’s GEE Delivery Integration?

The GEE Delivery Integration, in its current form, has an ingest queue that could get over-crowded by massive orders. For this reason, Planet recommends ~1000 assets delivered per organization per day. Planet is working on a solution for greater scalability that should follow before the end of the year 2020.

Some users may also be capped at 250gb of storage within their personal GEE account (this limit is set by Google), which will also limit the scalability of Planet’s integration V1.

If you believe your project requires greater scalability, please get in touch with us so we can equip your account with the resources you need, contact Planet's Integrations Team

Do I have to pay for Google Cloud Storage to use the GEE Delivery integration?

Planet’s Delivery Integration delivers imagery directly to your GEE account. It does not require you to set up or pay for a cloud storage bucket. In V1 of Planet’s Delivery Integration, costs are subject to GEE’s pricing model.

Which Planet Items and Assets are supported by the GEE Delivery Integration?

Item Type Supported Order Bundles
PSScene4Band analytic, analytic_sr, analytic_udm2, analytic_sr_udm2
SkySatScene analytic, analytic_udm2
SkySatCollect analytic, analytic_udm2
PSOrthoTile analytic_5b

Are Planet Basemaps supported?


What happens to images that are ordered twice to the same Image Collection?

Planet’s GEE Delivery integration will overwrite image assets that are ordered to the same image collection. This will also deduct download quota.

Why is my delivery to GEE taking longer than my Orders API request?

There is a hand-off from Planet’s API to GEE’s API. Estimating how long it may take for the GEE API to ingest an asset can be difficult and depends on multiple factors, including the size of your order and how busy traffic to GEE is at Order time.

In general users should expect at least +15 minutes for PlanetScope assets and +30 minutes for SkySat assets. However, these estimations are not assured under any Planet SLA.

What permissions must be granted to Planet’s service account to enable delivery to Earth Engine?

To write to a customer EE account, Planet's Google Service Account (SA) needs the Earth Engine Resource Writer IAM role, which allows the SA to read/write to a EE cloud project. If a user has sensitive or proprietary data that they would not like Planet to have read access to, we recommend creating a separate cloud project that does not contain any sensitive or proprietary data and using that cloud project to manage your Planet imagery assets.

Data Questions

How are the UDM2 bands organized when delivered to an EE image collection?

Planet’s GEE Delivery Integration will append UDM bands each image in your Image Collection. So for example, if you ordered a PSScene4Band Item Type with the analytic_sr_udm bundle, your resulting image would have 12 bands (4 spectral, 8 UDM bands).

Bands Description
B1 Blue
B2 Green
B3 Red
Q1 Clear Map
Q2 Snow Map
Q3 Shadow Map
Q4 Light Haze Map
Q5 Heavy Haze Map
Q6 Cloud Map
Q7 Confidence Map
Q8 Usable Pixels

To learn more about the UDM2 bands, see Planet's Dev Docs here.

How does ingesting imagery to GEE alter Planet’s data?

A few processes kick off when ingestion to GEE begins that may alter Planet’s data. For example, * EE will construct image pyramids during ingest. * Ingesting imagery to GEE will reproject your images to Maps Mercator EPSG:3857 * Learn more about GEE's imagery upload processes here

Other Questions

How can I test Planet’s GEE delivery integration?

If you have not signed up for a Planet subscription yet but would like to test the GEE delivery integration, Planet’s Developer trial will equip you with the API and download quota you need to leverage the integration.