Planet Developer Trial Program

Interested in hacking against Planet's Platform? Want to take our APIs for a spin and see how you might intergrate Planet into your existing geospatial workflows? Need a stack of Planet imagery to develop a time series analysis script against? The Developer Trial Program might be just what you are looking for.

This program gives "broad, but shallow" access to Planet's platform and data: if accepted, you'll receive an API key with access to most* of Planet's public APIs, along with the ability to search for and download data from a selection of AOIs (areas of interest) around the globe. Trial access is good for 90 days following activation of your account.

Who this trial program is for:

Access to the Developer Trial Program is limited to users interested in trialing Planet's platform for the purpose of evaluating Planet's APIs and related developer tools: data access is limited and does not fully represent the complete Planet catalog. If you are a student or researcher interested in Planet data, the Education & Research Program may be more suitable. If you are interested in commercial use of Planet's platform and data, this trial is not for you - but we'd love to help you out: get in touch.

* sorry, but trial program participants are unable to task SkySats using the Tasking API. That would be pretty neat, though, wouldn't it?

Access Details


Your Developer Trial account's API key will include access to the following APIs:

  • Data API: search Planet's imagery catalog
  • Tile Services API: XYZ & WMTS tile map services of Planet basemaps
  • Orders API: construct toolchains & place orders for imagery
  • Analytics API: access feeds of derived analytics data

You will also be able to use our open-source Python library & CLI to access the same APIs.


During the trial your API key will allow you to search for and download the following imagery types using Planet's APIs:

* 3-band PlanetScope Scenes
* 4-band PlanetScope Scenes
* Landsat 8 Scenes
* Sentinel-1 GRD Scenes

Additionally, Developer Trial users can access the following basemaps using the Tile Services API:

* Global Monthly    
* Global Quarterly  
* Oregon Monthly Normalized Analytic

Note: Basemap availability is limited to the TOI described below.


You will be able to search for and download imagery within a collection of small AOIs covering a variety of locations (including urban, rural, agricultural, and coastal regions) around the globe. Eligible AOIs are subject to change over time, but include the areas shown on the map below (you may need to zoom in):


If you aren't concerned with geographic specifics, and only want to quickly search for data within any AOI, try San Francisco's Golden Gate Park:

        "type": "Feature",
        "geometry": {
            "type": "Polygon",
            "coordinates": [
                    [-122.511034, 37.771597],
                    [-122.510605, 37.763998],
                    [-122.459021, 37.766033],
                    [-122.457733, 37.76549],
                    [-122.452755, 37.766372],
                    [-122.454557, 37.775125],
                    [-122.465973, 37.773836],
                    [-122.511034, 37.771597]
        "properties": {
            "name": "golden_gate_park"

For a geospatial listing of AOIs currently available in the Developer Trial, reference aois.geojson.


Currently, the Time of Interest (TOI) window for the Developer Trial is Aug 31 2018-Mar 30 2019. This means that for the datasets listed above, and within any geography that intersects with the AOIs listed above, you may search for and download data within this TOI's window of time.

Apply for Developer Trial Access

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