last updated: June 14, 2021

The Subscription API's source block describes the source data the subscription will pull from. Currently, the only available subscription source type is catalog.

Catalog Source Type

The catalog source block references Planet's core imagery catalog of scenes and orthotiles. These are Planet's data products which are automatically published in our catalog and immediately searchable via Planet's Data API.


The parameters of the catalog source block require item_types, asset_types, and a filter, much like the Data API's /quick-search endpoint.

  • item_types: represent the class of spacecraft and processing level of the subscription's matching items. PSScene4Band is an example of an item type. You can read more on item_types here.
  • asset_types: represent the data products which will be delivered for all of the subscription's matching items. An item will only match and deliver if all specified asset types are published for that item. analytic_sr is an example of an asset type available for a PSScene4Band item. You can see an overview of available asset types by item type here.
  • filter: describes item filter criteria based on item-level metadata. You can find an overview of all filters types here and filterable properties for each item type here. Required filter types are described in more detail in the next section.


The Subscriptions catalog source block was designed to support a direct copy/paste of a Data API quick-search, with a handful of additional validation exceptions.

  • item_types Validation: a subscription can only be successfully created if one item type is specified.
  • asset_types Validation: a subscription can only be successfully created if all asset_types specified are supported for the item type specified.
  • filter Validation: a subscription's filter must include the following:
    • A top-level logical AndFilter
    • A GeometryFilter
    • A published DateRangeFilter with a gt or gte value that is in the future (after the subscription creation time). acquired and updated DateRangeFilter values are not currently supported.