How to Preview Quota and Enable Access to PV Data

last updated: July 17, 2024

Getting access to PV data

  1. To enable access to Planetary Variable (PV) data you must first upload your AOIs to Features Manager or the Features API.
  2. (optionally) You can preview how much PV quota your AOI Features will consume using the “preview quota” modal in Features Manager.
  3. Once you’re ready to enable access to PVs for your AOIs, reach out to your Planet support manager and ask them to “reserve” quota on your Feature Collection(s) for your PV data product(s).

Preview quota

Features Manager enables Planetary Variable customers to preview PV quota costs for their AOIs. Previewing quota is the first step before reserving quota with a customer success manager.

To preview quota:

  1. Open a collection.
  2. Click the "Preview quota" button to open the preview modal.
  3. In the modal, select which PV data product you want to preview. The preview of the quota cost will be displayed.
  4. To preview more data products, select another product from the dropdown.
  5. Once finished, close the modal by clicking the ‘Close’ button in the bottom right.

Next, email your Planet contact with the collection details to reserve quota (see reserve quota to enable access to PVs section below for more details).

Preview Quota

Reserve quota to enable access to PVs

In order to access PV data through the Subscriptions API you must reserve quota for your areas of interest, then request data within those areas through Subscriptions using a geojson or feature reference id. For example, if you have 1000 sqkm of quota for the PV SWC 100m, and you reserve quota on a Feature Collection with AOIs that add up to 400 sqkm, you will have 600 sqkm quota remaining for SWC 100m.

To reserve quota for your AOIs, please reach out to your Planet support manager and specify which PV data product(s) and which Feature Collection(s) you’d like to use quota for.

Your Planet support manager will then reach out to let you know when your quota has been reserved and data is ready to request for your AOIs.

Sample Email

Understanding where quota is in use

Once quota has been reserved for your Feature Collections you can understand where and for which Features quota is in use in a few ways.

From the Collections panel, feature collections with quota in use will display a blue quota tag, e.g., in the screenshot below showing that the feature collection is using quota for 3 out of 3 available data products.

Quota Usage

By opening the collection you can see the specific AOI features that are using quota, indicated by the quota tag in the features view. In the example below, all features in the collection are using quota.

List of Quota Use

You can also navigate to the Preview Quota modal from the three-dot menu on your Feature Collection and access the “completed” tab to see more information about which PV data products are in use for your collection and how much quota they’ve used.

Preview Quota

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