Tasking Basics

last updated: July 17, 2024

    Tasking orders follow a defined process from order creation to order fulfillment to imagery delivery. This section describes the steps and the language used to describe the process and timing of imagery collection and delivery. Planet operates in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

    • Order Time: This is when a customer submits an order for imagery.
    • Scheduled Time: The time at which the order is accepted and slotted into a satellite’s schedule for collection.
    • Collection Time: This is the time at which the image is captured.
    • Responsiveness: The end to end time from order entry to delivery.
    • Reaction Time: the time between a customer entering a tasking order and collection time.
    • Latency Time: The time between collection time and delivery (standard or fast track)
    • Standard Delivery: The standard latency for imagery delivery to customers that place order; deliver according to SLA not as soon as data is ready.
    • Fast Track Delivery: Expedited delivery, less Latency Time, for imagery delivery as soon as data is ready.
    • Archive Time: The amount of time between when an image is delivered to a customer and publication to the archive.
    • Archive Publication: Point in time that an image is published to the archive and available to anyone with access to the SkySat archive.

    The Archive Publication feature is available to all SkySat archive customers. Customers can choose to set the duration of their Archive Time from 0 to 30 days. Archive time is measured from the date/time of image capture to Archive Publication.

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