Object Detection on Basemaps

last updated: June 14, 2021

    Number Description
    1 Title of the Subscription. Generated manually by the Planet Account Manager.
    2 Number of Mosaics. The number of mosaics within the selected date range within the Subscription
    3 Date Filter. Choose the dates you wish to see. The dates you select must be within the Subscription start and end dates. 
    4 Toggle for Basemaps without Detections. There may be times where a Planet Basemap has zero detections. By default, the Analytic Feeds Viewer does not display these Basemaps, but you can toggle on the display of Basemaps without detections.  
    5 Link to Basemaps Viewer for Source Mosaic. Leverage Planet Basemap Viewer to download source mosaic GeoTIFFs.
    6 Mosaic name. The name of the monthly mosaic used to derive detections.
    7 Number of Detections within the Image. The number of detections found within the image.
    8 Visualization Options. Choose to see a heatmap or each individual detection
    9 Show all Time. This will toggle whether you see only detections for the selected time period or all time periods shown. 
    10 Confidence Score Filter. Use the confidence score filtering feature to show bounding box detections with higher confidence and remove false positives with lower confidence scores.
    11 View Over Time. Compare the selected time period to other time periods to see how your area of interest has changed over time
    12 Confidence Score. A score (0 - 1.0) of how likely it is that this detection is a true positive (correct) detection
    13 Detection Diagonal Length. The measurement in m of the diagonal length of the bounding box detection. This can be a good proxy for object length.
    14 Timestamp. The datetime representing the earliest time imagery was captured for this mosaic
    15 Location. The Latitude and Longitude of the centroid of the detection.
    16 Redo Search In This Area. Our viewer is able to visualize bounding boxes over Basemaps, however when looking in very large areas, it can take a long time for them to load. Zooming into areas less than 5,000 km2 and redoing the search has shown a better experience.