September 30, 2020

Analytics Feed Viewer

New functionality in the Feed Viewer is now live! Updates include:

  • Heatmaps
  • A compare view to see change over time
  • Ability to see multiple time period's worth of detections at once
  • Updated metadata view

Summary Statistics

Summary Statistics are now live! Existing Ships, Planes, Silo Bags and Well Pad feeds can be queried for Summary Stats to easily get counts of detections over time. Users can also query road and building detection feeds to track the square meters covered by each class over time.

Analytics API

  • Our ship detection feed leverages a land mask to remove any erroneous detections made on land - we've updated it so that Venice, Italy and the port of Shanghai are not as aggressively covered so that we can detect ships more accurately in this area.

  • We are now offering plane detection, silo bag detection and well pad detection as fully supported Analytic Feeds.

  • Plane detection is offered in airports/airfields globally to enable users to track plane activity worldwide.

  • Silo bag detection is offered in Argentina where farmers use silo bags to store their harvests until they're ready to bring to market.

  • Well pad detection is offered in the Permian Basin in West Texas to enable our users to track well pad clearings which can provide valuable insight within the Energy market.

New ship detection model

Updated the ship detection model with an improved version

Release 1.2

Enables the extension of end dates in subscriptions