Querying Results

last updated: March 18, 2024

The following queries indicate means to query the results with specific filters.


A user can filter the collection of results by bounding box regions using the bounding box filter. This filters the items in a specific collection of results by those that are detected within a specified bounding box {min Longitude , min Latitude , max Longitude , max Latitude}


curl --header "Authorization: api-key ${PL_API_KEY}" https://api.planet.com/analytics/collections/886b4dbb-b878-4f6b-b000-0d96cbf71d4d/items\?bbbox\=121.771088,31.209278,121.907043,31.309062


A user can filter the collections of results by bounded time windows or unbounded time windows. Here are a few examples:


curl --header "Authorization: api-key ${PL_API_KEY}" https://api.planet.com/analytics/collections/886b4dbb-b878-4f6b-b000-0d96cbf71d4d/items\?datetime\=2019-01-18T02:08:40.761735Z


A user can paginate through results for a subscription. Results are returned in descending creation order. Result IDs act as cursors when paginating backwards or forwards. To get older pages of results, use the before query parameter with the id of the oldest (last) result in a page of results. When returning to the API to query for newly created results, use the ‘after’ query parameter with the id of the newest (first) result in a page. Results have a created field that can be stored and used later for sorting to determine the oldest or newest result from a previous query.

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