Planet SDK for Python V2

The Planet SDK for Python and No-Code Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to work with Planet’s APIs in Python: the 2.0 release of our Python SDK abstracts out the details of interacting with Planet’s APIs, so you can focus on actually using the data and building workflows. We’ve also built a new Command-Line Interface to enable that same easy interaction with Planet APIs – without using code.

Check out the documentation here to learn more about how it works, and don’t miss the Tips & Tricks section for some nifty examples of how you can use the Planet CLI alongside your favorite geospatial tools like GDAL/OGR, Fiona (fio),,, and more.

Both the SDK and the CLI support the Orders, Data, and Subscriptions APIs. To get started, install it from pip with `pip install planet`, explore the CLI, and then dive into the Python Guide. Be sure to not miss the SDK Examples that link to a number of Python Notebooks. If you’re already a user of the V1 Python Client, check out our upgrade guide for tips on migrating your code to V2.

We’re very interested in hearing from you all as you start using this new toolkit, so don’t hesitate to ask for help or share your feedback with us: just post here on the Planet Community Developers Forum and tag your post with ‘sdk’ or ‘cli’.

Planet Python Client V1