April 08, 2021

New ✨

  • Orders UI refresh, making it easier to order assets
    • As you get used to the new look and feel, you can opt-out of this UI and revert back to the old UI via the Labs (see screenshot below)
    • The new interface removes the dropdown options and now has explicit listing of the available assets grouped by rectification (rectified vs unrectified)
    • You can select as many assets as desired, each selection will result in a separate order.
    • Each order can be configured individually with respect to file format, clipping, and selected items.
    • We will no longer modify the order name, the orders panel will give sufficient context as to what was ordered. The downloaded zip will follow the pattern of <order_name>_<item_type>_<bundleName>.zip

  • Snapshot Lab - this feature is only available for customers.
    • By turning on the Snapshot Lab you can download a JPEG image of your current Explorer screen with pre-embedded metadata.

Improvements 🙌🏻

  • You can now filter for standard quality imagery (which excludes test imagery).
    • If turned on, you will only see standard imagery
    • If turned off, both standard & test imagery is included in the search results