Jan 2017

Planet API

  • Data API - Increased activation and download rate limit to 5 requests per second.
  • Data API - Added md5_digest field to the assets endpoint for use in tracking asset version changes and corrupted downloads.
  • Data API - Added strip_id field to the PlanetScope item metadata for use in associating items to collections.
  • Data API - Added anomalous_pixels field to the PlanetScope and RapidEye items metadata which indicates the percentage of pixels that may be problematic.

Imagery Products

  • Improved sharpening algorithms have been applied to PSScene3Band, PSOrthoTile and REOrthoTile item types.
  • Added acquisition time in UTC as TIFFTAG_DATETIME tag in PlanetScope GeoTIFF assets.

Planet Explorer

  • Planetscope 4-band scenes now available in Planet Explorer for easier access to NIR band.