Getting Started

API Access

To use Planet's APIs, you'll need an API key. API keys are available to all registered users with active Planet accounts.

Sign up for a Planet Account

To sign up, visit our signup page here and enter your email address to receive an invitation:

Check your email & follow the directions to complete the registration process.

Find your API Key

Once you're signed up, log in to to get your API key. Find the API key field under your account information, as seen here:

Account information (not a real API key)

Open California: Planet's Free & Open Data Program

A free Planet account gives you instance access to full-resolution imagery for the entire state of California under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license via Planet's Open California initiative. In the Open California program, daily imagery for California is available two weeks after acquisition. To access same-day datasets, imagery outside of California, or to use data under full commercial licensing, get in touch with our Sales team here.

Development Environment Setup

The following tools are used in the API Quickstart Guides here:

If you choose to follow along with the Quickstart Guides, you may find it useful to install these libraries in your development environment:

# Requires Python 2.7+
$ pip install requests
$ pip install retrying
$ pip install jq

# Requires Node.js
$ npm install -g geojsonio-cli

For convenience, the examples in the Quickstart Guides often pipe JSON API output to jq and filter for a specific field. You may prefer to remove the jq filter in order to familiarize yourself with the complete API objects.

Additonally, when following along with the Quickstart Guides, it can be convenient to export your API key as an environment variable:

export PL_API_KEY=347e992b4160ba495afd715f128ee483 # (not a real key)

Quickstart Guides

Once you've set up your Planet account and received an API key, continue with the quickstart guides below to begin accessing Planet's imagery archives: