Release notes

14 Nov 2019

This is a minor release.

  • Credential checks have been added to verify that accounts are provided with both write and delete access to cloud storage buckets for cloud delivery. We’ll use the delete permission to deliver and delete a test file (planetverify.txt), so that we can verify that credentials are correct before committing compute resources and debiting quota.
  • A query filter has been added to allow users to filter by order state.
  • Bulk cancellation functionality has now been added. This allows users to cancel orders in a pre-running state up to 10,000 orders at a time.

20 Sep 2018

This is a minor release.

  • Notification emails were previously being sent in text/plain format only. They will now be sent in multipart/alternative and include both plaintext and HTML formatting. The original plaintext version of the email is formatted exactly as it was prior to this change.

16 Jul 2018

Effective: 17 Jul 2018

This is a minor release with a few user facing changes. Most changes are new and old behavior should not change.

  • Incorrect archive_type results in a validation error. See Zipping Results section of documentation. This is an optional field and if you haven't been setting it, the type will default to zip.
  • You can now specify your webhook callback to be per_order: true. This is an optional parameter and, if omitted, the default behavior will be used whereby you’ll receive a webhook callback per bundle. See the Webhook section of documentation.
  • We have new validation rules on orders to ensure correct type of parameters (you can't use a number in a string field), and cannot specify operations that do not exist.

11 Jan 2018

This is a major release. We have switched to a new API endpoint and have changed API syntax. Refer to the API docs for more information.

In summary, here is what has changed: Switched to Product Bundles Introducing Raster Toolkit with 8 tools: * Clip Crops the raw imagery to desired boundaries * TOAR Convert radiance to top of atmospheric (TOR) imagery * Tile Tiles images to desired specification * Composite Merge multiples images into a single image * Reproject Converts coordinate projection system * Band Math Perform arbitrary band math to create outputs like NDVI * Image co-registration Aligns multiple images within few pixels over a same geographical area Zip per product bundle or entire results in a single zip file. Improved error messages