Getting Started

last updated: June 14, 2021

Installation & Configuration

  • Make sure QGIS is downloaded and installed. (Need help? Check out our guide to installing QGIS)

  • Launch QGIS and from the dropdown menus along the top, choose Plugins --> Manage and Install Plugins.


  • Search for the plugin planet_explorer, click Install

Using the Plugin

After installation is complete, make sure the Planet Explorer plugin is activated in the Manage and Install Plugins interface (Plugins --> Manage and Install Plugins...)

Then from the QGIS menu bar, select Web --> Planet Explorer --> Planet Explorer:


Alternatively, you can click the quick icon that by default appears in the tools ribbon in QGIS:


Log in to your Planet account

The login interface lets you to log in with the email and password associated with your Planet account. Selecting the option to Save Credentials will cache your login within QGIS's authentication system to save time when working in the same project.

Once the plugin is open, you'll see this login interface. Enter your Planet account information, or click the Sign Up! link to be in touch with our team and begin a free 14-day trial. Once logged in, the imagery available to your account will be accessible, along with the same search tools available in Planet Explorer.