How To Purchase Basemaps

Although most of Planet's imagery is purchased through our Sales team, you may purchase a basemaps streaming license online, using your credit card.

Online Purchase Overview

Planet Basemaps

Planet offers basemaps in multiple cadences and with various capabilities. You can purchase a monthly or quarterly basemap for your area of interest, for either visual inspection or analysis. For visual inspection, choose the visual basemap. For analysis, choose the normalized surface reflectance basemap. To read more about our basemap product, read our imagery spec (Section 3 - Select Basemaps).

Streaming License

The license that you buy online provides streaming access for your basemap of choice one year, including one million tile views per month. Your license is tied to your Planet account and can be used for internal use only.

How to Purchase

You can purchase a streaming basemap license from Planet in two ways - either by first searching for your AOI in Explorer and clicking “purchase” when prompted by a notification or by visiting

If you are searching in Explorer, and don’t have access to a basemap, you will see a lock icon on the image result in the search panel or on the timeline.

Click on the lock icon and a notification will appear, prompting you to purchase. Click “purchase.”

Verify your account

One you have clicked “purchase” or entered in, verify your login credentials. The Planet account that you are signed in with will be the account that the license is purchased for. Please note that you must have a Planet account to purchase a license. You can sign-up for an account at

Define your area of interest (AOI)

If you searched for your area of interest in Planet Explorer and clicked "purchase" when prompted, your area of interest will be defined.

If you did not come from Planet Explorer, or if you would like to change your AOI, you can define your AOI in 3 ways: 1. Search for your area of interest using the search bar 2. Draw your area of interest on the map 3. Upload a geometry file

Please note that we do not accept complicated geometries with over 500 vertices. The minimum area of interest is 34 sqkm and the maximum area of interest is 7,000 sqkm. If you would like to buy a license for larger than 7,000 sqkm, please contact our sales team (you will receive a prompt to contact sales if your AOI is too large).


Make your selections

Once you have drawn your area of interest, make selections about the type of basemap you would like, your publication cadence, and your archive start date. Your publication cadence represents how often you will receive a new basemap. If you choose an archive start date, you will receive basemaps starting from whichever date you choose at the publication cadence you choose. You do not have to choose an archive start date, and may choose to only receive basemaps from today onwards.

Example #1: Customer purchases monthly visual basemap with no archive on June 21, 2020 Customer receives the latest monthly visual basemap (May 2020) and receives a new basemap to stream every month until May 2021.

Example #2: Customer purchases quarterly visual basemap with archive starting in January 2018, purchased on June 21, 2020 Customer receives quarterly visual basemap from January 2018 through May 2020, and receives a new quarterly basemap to stream every quarter until the second quarter of 2021.

Example #3: Customer purchases monthly normalized surface reflectance basemap with no archive, purchased on June 21, 2020 Customer receives a monthly normalized surface reflectance basemap for May 2020, and receives a new monthly basemap to stream every quarter until May 2021.

Please note that our normalized surface reflectance basemaps are made to order, and may take upto 7 days for delivery. Our visual basemaps are delivered within 1-2 business days.

As you change your area of interest, basemap type, publication cadence, and archive start date, your price will change accordingly. Feel free to continue adjusting these selections to fit your needs and budget.


Complete payment

Once you have made your selections, click “Checkout.”

You will see a summary of your selections and two payment options. You can either pay with a credit card or pay with a purchase order. If you select “pay with a purchase order,” someone on our sales team will follow-up with you to finish your order. Enter your phone number and details so that we can follow-up. You will also receive a copy of your quote in your email.

If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will enter your credit card number, expiration date, verification code, and zipcode. We use Stripe, a global leader in payment processing and security, to process your payment information.

If you are a business, you may enter your VAT Registration number. If you are an individual, no need to enter anything for the VAT Registration number. Planet charges taxes according to each country’s laws.

Once you have clicked “purchase” you will see an order summary page, and you will receive your order confirmation via email.


Receive your basemap

A customer support team member will email you once your basemap is ready. You can stream your basemap in Explorer or using WMTS to stream into other apps.

Get help

If you have questions during the purchasing process, you can either contact sales or read our FAQ. To access, click the "?" icon in the top navigation. When you click the "?" you will see a dropdown for our FAQ and to Contact Sales.

If at any point in this process, you are confused about what you are buying, please contact our sales team. Due to the nature of our data product, we do not offer returns and all sales are final.

If you would like to purchase a different product type (i.e. a weekly cadence, download capabilities, daily scenes, etc.) or purchase a different license type (i.e. beyond internal use), please contact our sales team.